20% off Gopro Coupon

Hot deal I just found for 20% off Gopro Hero 3+ Black edition at Gopro Coupons. Direct link to purchase is here at amazon.com.  $319 for a hero 3+ black is an amazing deal.  I know most people may want the newer Hero 4 silver or Hero 4 black or the newest Gopro Hero 4 session, but this is an amazing deal for an amazing camera.  If your not interested in the Hero 3+, read my previous blogs about the Hero 4 black coupons, hero 4 silver coupons and Hero 4 session coupons that will get you free 32 GB SD Card, shipping and free head strap at Gopro Coupons.

So why would you consider a older model Hero 3+ Black edition?  First off at $319 it’s cheaper than the $399 Hero 4 silver and way cheaper than the Hero 4 Black at $499.  The Black 3+ is top of the line before the Hero 4 came out.  It shoots video with just about as many options as the Hero 4 silver edition.  As new Gopro models launch they shrink in size.  I can assure you that you will not even notice the size difference between the Hero 3+ to the Hero 4.  If you need it really small, then you may want to consider the Gopro Hero 4 Session.  I’m guessing that more than half of Gopro users, will not even use all the 4k and settings of Hero 4 black edition or silver edition.  The same 50% of Gopro users have also probably never spent the time to figure out all the options their Gopro camera has.  I have spend a ton of time, playing and shooting with Gopro cameras to see what works the best.  In the end, I generally have it set and rarely change it.  I know professionals that are always tweaking protune settings to get the most dynamic videos, but they get paid to shoot their videos. The Hero 4 silver edition does have a slick built in LCD, but you have to decide if it’s worth an extra $80 to you.  This is a deal you have to consider in my opinion.  Keep in mind the Hero 3+ black is discontinued, so they will probably be gone really quickly.  Don’t wait too long to decide.



Gopro Session Coupon

Gopro Hero 4 Session camera is now available for $399.  For the best deal use the Gopro Session coupon at Gopro Coupons.  This is the only Gopro Session camera coupon that I could find anywhere.  This gopro coupon will get you the new Hero 4 Session camera, plus a free 32 GB Micro SD Card, free Gopro Head strap mount + quick clip and of course free shipping.  The Gopro Session is brand new and its the smallest and lightest Gopro camera every made.

It’s always exciting when Gopro comes out with a new camera, but before you run out to get the latest Gopro Session Camera, you should read my last blog at Gopo Hero 4 Session coupons.  This may be a new camera for Gopro and it may be 40% smaller and lighter, but it’s not the best Gopro camera on the market.  For the $399 cost, I still believe that you are way better off to use the Gopro Hero 4 silver coupon at Gopro coupons and get a Hero 4 silver camera for the same price.  The Hero 4 silver edition camera is a way better camera and offers better video and way more features like built in LCD.  Unless you really need a camera to be very very small, I think that the new Session camera is a bad purchase compared to a Hero 4 silver edition camera.

Gopo Hero 4 Session coupons

New Gopro Camera is coming out.  The New Gopro Hero4 session should be launching in a couple of days and I’m keeping my eye open for Gopro Hero4 session coupons.  You can pre-order at Gopro Coupons.  Based on what the website says, it will be available on July 12, which is only two days away.  I’m not sure if the session is for everyone, but you can make that decision yourself.  I personally prefer a Hero 4  black or Silver edition, especially since there are some good Gopro coupons for them at Gopro Coupons.

The new Hero4 session camera is a tiny cube.  It’s 50% smaller and 40% lighter.  It has a super low profile frame.  It does come with specially designed mounts and accessories that work with your other Gopro gear mounts, to give you more mounting options.  The cost of the newHero4 session is $399.  Now the new Session is full HD, but does not offer the higher video options of the Hero 4 black / silver.  The photo capture for the new Session camera is 8 MP.  It also has a one button easy control.

Here are the recording specs of the new Hero4 Session:

• 1080p at 60 and 30fps (SuperView at 48 or 30fps)
• 1440p at 30fps
• 960p at 60 or 30fps
• 720 at 100, 60, or 30fps (SuperView 60 or 30fps)
• WVGA at 120fps
• Stills at 8MP with 10fps bursts

It’s very similar to the Polaroid cube that came out last year.  My opinion is that it’s too expensive and for $399 you might as well buy the Gopro Hero 4 silver edition camera, which is also a much better camera.  The session lacks the cinematic 24 fps mode, which is very popular fr shooting less action footage.  Also the Session does not allow you to change video modes on the camera without having to stop shooting and pair it to your phone via Gopro App or with a Wi-Fi remote that is sold separately in order to change video modes.  The specs are HD, but according to what I have seen so far and heard, you can clearly tell that the image quality is not anywhere as good.  I will make more comments about the video quality once it launches and I see more video footage.  At this point go with the Hero 4 silver edition if you are going to spend $399 on a Gopro Camera.  Use one of the coupons at Gopro Coupons and get yourself a bonus free $60 amazon card or free SD Card and free Head strap mount.

$30 off July 2015 Gopro Coupon

I found a new Gopro coupon code for July that will save you $30 off Gopro Hero 4 black camera.  This is in edition to the previous Gopro Coupons for both the Hero 4 silver edition or the Hero 4 black edition at Gopro coupons.  Now I tried this $30 off Gopro coupon and it seemed to work okay.  You can take advantage of this savings at Kona Gopro Deal.  Copy this coupon code 30OFF300 and paste it into your cart for the savings.  It also includes free shipping.  like I said it worked for me just now, when I tested it.

This is only on the Black edition camera.  Compared to the other deals available at Gopro Coupons, I don’t think this is the best savings but that is just my opinion.  The Gopro Hero 4 black edition coupon at Gopro Coupons, has a full starter bundle deal that offers no discount, but it offers a free 32 GB micro SD Card and a free Gopro Head Strap.  The value of the free SD Card and head strap mount is worth way more than $30 bucks, unless you don’t need them  The other option is the coupon that is also posted that gets you free $50 in rewards and a free Gopro Battery Bacpac.  A gopro battery bacpac is worth more than $30 as well and will be very useful for most Gopro camera users.

The Gopro Hero 4 silver deals that you can also get at Gopro coupon codes, include a couple of options as well.  If your looking for just the hero 4 silver edition camera, use the free shipping and free $60 Amazon gift card coupon.  The second option for anyone looking for a hero 4 silver edition is to use the coupon that gets you a free 32 GB micro SD Card, free Gopro Head Strap mount and free shipping.

$60 off Gopro Hero 4 Silver Coupon

There is a new Gopro coupon deal at Gopro Coupons.  This one is for the Gopro Hero 4 Silver edition camera only and you get Gopro Free shipping and a free $60 amazon gift card by using this free coupon.  This is the latest Gopro deal, but the other Gopro Hero 4 silver deals and Gopro Hero 4 black coupons are also still available at Gopro Coupons.  In my last blog I recommended the coupon (also available at the same place) that got you free shipping, a free 32 GB Micro SD Card and a free Gopro Head Strap.  It’s pretty close to the same deal, but a $60 Amazon card gives you a few more options and possibly one more free Gopro Accessory.  Now you may be a little confused, because when you use the coupon, you will see the $60 Amazon card promo.  It only applies to the $399 Hero 4 silver camera only.  If you choose one of the packages like the starter package the $60 free amazon gift card is not included.  On Amazon, a 32 GB micro SD Card will cost you about $23, a Gopro Head strap is about $25.  That leaves you will about $12 to get a third free accessory or a 64 GB micro sd card if your comparing it to the $399 starter Gopro coupon deal.  You may not want a Gopro Head Strap and/or have a micro SD card, so that would give you even more options and money to get free Gopro accessories that you may need.

Now for the top Gopro Hero 4 black coupon, it’s also at Gopro Coupons.  The free Gopro LCD back pac with the black is expired.  There is the Gopro Hero 4 black starter kit for $399 that includes the free shipping, free SD Card (32GB) and the free Gopro Head Strap.  There is also the free 2 day shipping Gopro black coupon and free Gopro Battery pac and fre $50 in rewards.  These are the top two Black Gopro coupons that you are going to find.

If your not looking to spend $399 or $499 for a Gopro, check out the latest Gopo Hero+ LCD at Amazon.com.  $299 and full HD with built in LCD.  8MP camera, wifi and bluetooth.  It’s an amazing deal if your on a budget, but still want the best action sports camera on the market.


June 2015 Gopro Coupons

This weeks update on Gopro Coupons has some decent deals at Gopro Coupons.  I think the best Gopro coupon right now is the Gopro Hero 4 black coupon at Gopro Coupons for Gopro free shipping and free LCD Touch bacPac.  Another good deal for the Gopro Hero 4 black that is not listed but available directly at Gopro Black Sale, gets you free shipping, free Gopro Battery  Bacpac and a free $20 gift card.  The choice here is if you want the LCD Bac pac or a Gopro Battery Bacpac.

For the top Gopro Hero 4 silver coupons in the listing, there are all the same deals as I blogged about last month.  This includes the starter bundle, music bundle, surf bundle and moto bundle.  I won’t waste your time and go over them all again.  Just check out the coupon at Gopro coupons or my last blog “Gopro Hero4 silver coupons“.  Most people will probably buy the starter bundle that includes free shipping, a free 32 GB Micro SD Card and a free Gopro Head Strap mount.

Final thing I wanted to mention is the Neewer wide angle lens that you can get here at  Gopro Newer Wide Angle lens kit.  This lens for you Gopro worked quite well in my opinion after I got to give it a try.  It only cost $15, so it’s dirt cheap as well.  Just thought I would give it a mention.

Gopro Hero4 Silver Coupons

Here are the latest Gopro Hero4 silver coupons at Gopro coupons.  Last week there was one that also included a free $50 amazon.com gift card, but it is no longer available.  That doesn’t mean the current deals are not worth it and there are lots of options for you.  All of them basically come with at least $50 off free Gopro Accessories and include Gopro free shipping.  To make it easy for you here is the breakdown of the deals if you use the coupon at Gopro coupons.

Gopro Starter Bundle – This one gets you a free Gopro HeadStrap mount with quick clip and a free 32GB Lexar High Speed Micro SD Card.  You will be ready to shoot with this package when your new Gopro Hero 4 silver camera arrives.

Gopro Surf Bundle – This one gets you a free 32 GB lexar Micro SD Card, Skeleton and bonus accessories.  As you might have guessed the free bonus Gopro mounts are surf mounts.  You get the Gopro Surfboard mount, FCS Plug Mount, Camera tether, quick release buckles, 3 way mount, pivot arm and a USB Cable.

Gopro Music Bundle – you get a free frame housing and bonus music mounts.  These bonus music mounts includes 2 removable instrument mounts and mic stand mount.  My suggestion is to not go with this bundle.  I would pick one of the other bundles that include a micro sd card and order the music mounts/ frame housing separately at Gopro Mounts.  You can get a pile of music mounts for between $20 – $30.

Gopro Moto Bundle – This bundle includes a free 32GB micro SD Card.  I would do the same as my previous suggestion with the music bundle if your looking for automobile mounting and shooting with your new Gopro Camera.

Gopro Extreme Bundle –  This bundle is not the normal $399 price for the Gopro Hero 4 Silver camera.  This bundle will cost you $469.  For the extra $69, you will get a 32 GB Micro SD Card, Gopro Head strap mount with quick clip, dual wasabi power batter (includes 2 extra batteries and dual battery charger) and a Gopro 3 Way Grip / arm / Tripod.  If you breakdown this deal it is basically the starter bundle, plus the Gopro 3 way grip and Wasabi Power kit.  The power kit will cost you $25 and the 3 way Grip / arm/tripod will cost you $50 to buy separately.  So if your looking for the extra batteries and the 3 Way grip/arm mount, this bundle will save you an extra $6 bucks, plus the hassle to order everything you want separately.

15% off Gopro Coupon

There is a new Gopro coupon code at Gopro coupons for a savings of 15 percent off a Gopro LCD Touch Bacpac.  This Gopro coupon also includes free shipping.  Now if your looking for a Gopro Hero 4 camera savings, the following deals are available at the same place or directly at $50 Gopro Savings:  Gopro Hero 4 silver, includes free shipping, free 32 GB Micro SD Card, 2 spare batteries and dual charger, gopro head strap and a free $50 Amazon card.  FYI you will not top this deal, especially with the limited time bonus $50 Amazon card that you can use to get even more free Gopro accessories or anything else you want off Amazon.com.

The top deal on the Gopro Hero 4 Black edition is available at Gopro Black Bundle.  This one is similar to the Hero 4 silver deal, but there is no bonus free $50 Amazon card included.  It’s still an amazing deal and the top savings you will find anywhere on a Gopro Hero 4 Black edition camera.  This starter bundle Gopro coupon includes a free 32 GB micro SD Card, a free Gopro Head Strap and 2 free extra Gopro Batteries and a free Dual charger for your batteries.  The cost is the usual $499 for the Black edition camera which is what you will pay anywhere and everywhere.  Everything else I just mentioned is absolutely free.  You will not need to purchase a single thing extra with this deal to start using your new Gopro camera once you get it.  Keep in mind that the Hero 4 black edition does not come with a built in touch LCD.  I know most users end up purchasing the Gopro Touch LCD, so if your going to do this, use the 15% off Gopro LCD coupon that I first mentioned in my blog to save about 12 bucks off with free shipping on the Gopro Touch LCD.

$50 Gopro Hero 4 coupon

The $50 Gopro Hero 4 silver coupon at Gopro coupons is still available.  Also available directly here at Amazon.com.   This is by far the best deal that you will find on a Gopro Hero 4 silver edition.  I have no idea when it’s going to expire, because it doesn’t say anything more than it’s a limited time offer.  Basically you get a free $50 Amazon.com gift card with your purchase.  It’s not the only bonus you get with this deal either.  Depending on the Gopro bundle you choose you will get additional free Gopro accessories.  Yes it’s all free.  The starter bundle offer for $399 includes free shipping, free 32 GB micro SD Card and a free Gopro Head Strap with quick clip.

The Moto bundle includes additional free mounts, free shipping and a free 32 GB micro SD card and a USB 3.0 flash memory card reader.  The Surf bundle includes a free 32 GB SD Card, surfboard mount, FCS Plug Mount and other additional mounts.  Also get a skeleton and touch back doors and a rechargeable battery.  They all cost $399 with free shipping.  Pick the one that best suits your use and take advantage of the free Gopro accessories and the limited time $50 bonus Amazon card, that you can use for even more free Gopro accessories, or anything else you may want or need from Amazon.

new $50 Gopro Hero 4 coupon

Here is a brand new limited time Gopro coupon at Gopro Coupons.   This is a new Gopro coupon code since my last blog last week.  It is a limited time deal only and it’s actually an extension of the one I blogged about last week.  To make it short and sweet, its the Gopro coupon for a free 32 GB micro SD Card, a free Gopro Head strap with quick clip and it’s a free shipping.  The new addition is that you now can also get a free $50 Amazon card.  That means an additional $50 of free Gopro accessories or anything else that you want from Amazon.  This is the best deal around for a Gopro Hero 4 camera.