20% off Gopro Coupons

There is no 20% off Gopro Coupon available.  I know that I have received feedback that other people are finding 20% off Gopro coupon codes while searching google.  I can tell you right now that they do not exist and everyone advertising them in their blogs is doing so just to get traffic.  None of them work or exist and I am about 99 – 100 percent positive about that.  The top coupons like I said in my blog are at Gopro Coupons.  If you don’t trust coupon websites then here are the direct links to the vendors that have the best Gopro Deals right now.

1.  Amazon.com – they have the hero 4 black edition and hero 4 silver edition on sale.  Now the sale is not a discount, but free stuff with your Gopro camera and Gopro free shipping.  Both the silver edition and black edition have a starter bundle that includes a free 32 GB Micro SD Card and a free Gopro Head Strap w/ quick clip.  They also have a moto bundle that includes extra mounts and a 32 GB card.  They also have a power bundle with extra batteries and a surf bundle.  Now these bundles still cost you $399 for the Hero 4 silver edition and $499 for the Hero 4 black edition, but you get all the stuff I just mentioned for free.

2. Moosejaw.com – They are offering a great deal on the Hero 4 black.  Also $499 like every where else, but you get free 2 day shipping and a free Original Gopro Battery Bacpac ($49 value) with your order

Besides these deals, you will not find a better deal anywhere.  Everything else is just pulling your leg.  Actual discounts of Gopro cameras are rare and the vendor sets the prices on strict no discount policies to it’s vendors.  There have been times that I find people selling them below retail price, but they don’t appear to authorized vendors, so who knows what you are purchasing.  The other off chance is a company that stops being a vendor, and they blow out their remaining inventory.  I have seen this before in the past, but also extremely rare opportunity.

New Gopro Coupon

There is a new Gopro Camera coupon at Gopro Coupons.  It’s a pretty good coupon and it’s for the Gopro Hero 4 black edition camera.  The coupon gets you a free Gopro Battery Bacpac, free 2 day shipping and $50 back in credit to get some extra stuff.  There is a 20% off Gopro coupon code that I have seen for that is on this same deal and from the same vendor, but it does not work.  When you use the coupon, you will see that the 20% off Coupon code they have posted on their page.  It does not work and they very specifically state in bold that the Gopro brand is not included.  The vendor is moosejaw.com  and they carry most of the top brands for outdoors stuff and action sports brands.  So if your looking for anything else it’s a pretty big savings, especially on big ticket items.

Next option for a Hero black coupon or if your looking for the best Gopro Hero 4 silver coupon, is the coupon for free shipping, free 32 GB micro SD Card and free Gopro Head Strap.  Both of these are also available at Gopro Coupons.

$100 off Gopro Coupon

The $20 off Gopro Coupon code I wrote about in my last blog “20% off Member Gopro Coupon“, does not work.  This REI member coupon for 20% off, has listed action cameras as excluded items.  It’s a great coupon if your looking for another larger ticket outdoor / camping /action sports item.  If you are you can find it at REI Coupons.   That leaves the following top Gopro Camera savings at Gopro Coupons :

  1. Popular deal for Free 2 day Gopro Shipping, free $50 credit and free Gopro Handler Floating hand Grip
  2. The Gopro coupons for Hero 4 black edition and Silver edition that gets you free shipping, free 32 GB Micro SD Card, and free Gopro Head Strap.

I know a lot of people like the free Micro SD Card, because it saves you from having to purchase one if you don’t have one already, but I think a 32 GB micro SD Card is a little small for a Hero 4.  You should run at least a 64 GB if you plan on shooting a full day, and probably still have a 32 GB backup card handy.  Micro SD Cards are really cheap at Micro SD Card Deals(Amazon).  15 bucks for a 32GB and under $30 for $64 GB.  So I would decide on the floater hand grip vs head strap.  The one that you would use more is the one I would go with, even though the hand grip coupon doesn’t include a free SD Card.  Then go out for either deal and get yourself a 64 GB micro SD Card.  The $50 credit you also get with the first coupon, won’t get you a free SD card, but you can get some nice accessories or nice shirt for yourself as a added free bonus.

FYI there are other sites marketing Gopro Coupons for $100 off.  None of them work, they are posted to generate traffic and I’m pretty sure a lot of them are made up.


20% off Member Gopro Coupon

Here is another option for saving on a Gopro Hero 4 camera.  There is a new Gopro coupon code for members at Gopro Coupons.  It’s a 20 percent off plus free shipping.  The way it works is it’s a REI.com member coupon.  Now you need to be a member, but if your not, don’t worry.  The coupon code is good for 20% off one full priced item between now and April 13th.  For non-members you can still use the coupon at Gopro coupons, but you will need to add a membership during the checkout and the coupon code will work.  Cost of a membership is good for a year and it will cost you $20.  So if you are buying a Gopro Hero 4 silver edition for $399, you save $80 off, but you will have to spend $20 for a membership.  In the end you save 15% off ($60) on Gopro Hero 4 silver edition.  If your buying a Hero 4 black edition, a 20% savings works out to be $100 off.  So if you have to get a membership, the savings is $80 off.  Normally Gopro cameras are excluded from any discounts, but I think this is a special case because it’s a one time member coupon.

The next best thing to this discount are the previous Gopro coupons I posted about in my last blog, which are also still posted at Gopro coupons.  Those are the ones for a free micro SD Card and free Gopro Head Strap.  It’s a pretty close to the same deal if you are going to use the Gopro Head strap.  The head strap will cost you about $30 and a 32 GB micro SD Card will cost you about $20.  I would go with the discount and then go to Micro SD Deals to get a micro sd card if you don’t have one.  You will end up getting a 64 GB micro SD Card and Gopro head strap(if you want one) and still have about $10 in savings, more if your purchasing a Hero 4 black camera.  It’s a little bit of a pain in the butt to have to order from two places, but it’s worth it in my opinion.  You will not find an actual price discount on a Gopro Hero 4 camera anywhere else.

Gopro Camera savings of $75 off?

Here is my latest run down on the top Gopro Hero 4 camera savings.  The list of top money saving coupons that work are all posted for free at Gopro coupons.  Now for $75 off on a Gopro Hero 4 black camera try the code at Gopro Deal.  I was told this work and when I tested it without fully completing the cart process it seemed to work.  No guarantees, but my cart did show the discount.   The code is posted right on the page of the link I provided.  The fine print does not exclude Gopro cameras for the 15% off they are offering, so it should work.

If it doesn’t, your best deal is one of the free stuff Gopro bundle coupons at Gopro coupons.  This includes the free 32 GB micro SD Card and Gopro Head strap starter bundle with free shipping Gopro coupon.  This one is good for both the Hero 4 black edition and the Hero 4 silver edition.  There is also the surf bundle, moto bundle and the power bundle.  Finally option is the coupon listed for free 2 day shipping, free Gopro Handler floating hand grip and $50 in credit to be used for other items.  The starter bundle is a good deal because it comes with a Micro SD card, so you won’t have to go out and purchase one separately in order to start using your new Gopro camera.

Today’s Top Gopro Coupons

Here is the latest update for saving on the purchase of a Gopro Hero 4 black edition camera or a Gopro Hero 4 Silver edition camera.  There is a new one for free 2 day shipping, free $50 credit and a free Gopro Handler Floating hand grip at Gopro Coupons.  Along with this new Gopro coupon, the previous two Silver edition and black edition coupons for free shipping, free head strap and free 32 GB micro SD Cared are also still available at Gopro Coupons.

Now I have checked a ton of stores and I can pretty much guarantee that if your buying a Gopro Hero 4 camera, one of the three coupons I mentioned above will be the best deal that you will find anywhere.  It’s all about the free stuff, because no one actually offers a discount on the cameras themselves.  $399 for the silver and $499 for the Black edition is what you will pay, anywhere you go.  Shipping is free just about everywhere, so the free stuff is your savings and the three coupons I mentioned are the only places that  I found offering something free, besides shipping.

Now the coupon mentioned list only free SD Card and Gopro Head Strap, there are a couple other options for different free stuff.  The coupon actually gives you three bundle options for the Hero 4 silver or you can check it out directly at Gopro Bundle Deals.  There is a Moto bundle that includes additional mounts and a 32 GB micro  SD Card.  There is also a power bundle that includes 2 extra Gopro Batteries and quick AC/DC charger.

The same goes for Hero 4 black edition camera.  See all bundles at Gopro Black Bundle Deals.  Same deal, there is the Moto bundle and a power bundle which are in addition to the starter bundle that includes a free Gopro head strap and 32 GB Micro SD Card.

March 2015 Gopro Coupons

Quick update for the latest money saving March 2015 Gopro coupon codes.  There are actually no new Gopro coupons that I could find, but the top Gopro Hero 4 savings deals from last month are still available and valid at Gopro coupons.  Here is the summery for Hero4 silver and Hero4 black coupons.

Hero4 Black coupons:

1.  Coupon for Gopro for free shipping and free extra Gopro replacement Battery

2. Coupon for 2 day free shipping and $50 credit value.

3. Coupon for free 32 GB micro SD Card, free shipping and a free Gopro Head Strap with quick clip.  (I recommend this coupon or coupon #1 for that gets you a free replacement battery.

Hero4 Silver coupons:

1. Free shipping and free $50 credit value

2. Gopro Starter bundle coupon for free 32 GB micro SD Card, free shipping and free Gopro Head Strap.  There is also a free $40 amazon gift card available with this coupon.  The coupon at Gopro coupons does not mention it, but I just tested the coupon and saw this limited time promotion.  The instructions are right on the page the coupon takes you too on how to get your free gift card.  I have no idea when this ends, but an additional $40 gift card for Amazon makes this deal the best one you will find for a Gopro Hero 4 silver camera.

Free Battery Gopro Coupon

There is a new Gopro Hero 4 coupon at Gopro coupons that gets you 10% back and a free Battery.  You also get 2 day Gopro Free shipping with this coupon code as well.  At first I thought this was 10 percent off the cost, but it’s not.  It’s 10% back in rewards money that you can use towards purchasing items from their rewards offering.  You also get an additional Gopro Battery for free and the shipping is free 2 day shipping.  If your in a hurry to get your camera, this is the fastest way your going to get one.

For the free rewards, you will get 4000 points on Gopro Hero 4 black camera.  I checked out the available rewards for this amount of points and there are some decent things to get for free.  There is a decent selection of clothing (hoodies and shirts) that you can get for both men and women with this amount of reward points. There is also gear like Osprey bags and stainless steel thermos, portable blue tooth speakers that you would have enough points to get for free.  You can click on the rewards section to browse the entire selection.  If there something that you want or need, this Gopro deal may be the best one for you.  Don’t forget that in regards to pricing on a Gopro camera, there are no available discounts to the $399 Silver price or the $499 black price anywhere.  So you won’t pay more, it’s just a matter of picking the coupon or deal that gets you the best free stuff and free shipping.

With that being said, your only other options are the free 32 GB micro SD Card and free Gopro Head strap and free shipping coupons that are available at Gopro Coupons.  This one is available for both the Gopro Hero 4 silver edition and the Gopro Hero 4 black edition.

New Gopro Black coupon

There is a pretty good deal for $50 off on a Gopro Hero 3+ black edition camera at Gopro coupons.  I know the 3+ has been discontinued, but the Hero 3+ Black edition camera is an amazing camera and if your on a budget, it works out to be still cheaper than the Hero 4 silver edition.  You probably won’t be able to see any video recording quality difference between the two.  The latest Hero 4 silver edition does however have a built in LCD Screen, which I really like.  It’s your call, but if your not looking spend over $400, this is an amazing deal for a top end action camera with all the bells and whistles.

Now if your going to go with the newer Hero 4 camera, the best savings available are the same coupons I blogged about last week and can also be found at Gopro Coupons.  For the Hero 4 silver edition Gopro camera you have the option for a free 32 GB micro SD card, free Gopro head strap and free shipping.  You have the same coupon option posted and available for a Gopro Hero 4 black edition camera as well.  Also available for both the black edition and silver edition with the same coupon are a couple of other different packages.  There is a motor sport package that includes a free 32 GB SD Card and free additional motor sport mounts.  There is also a Surf bundle that includes a free 32 GB micro SD Card and free battery and surf mount kit.

Final option for a silver edition is the Extreme bundle.  This bundle is $469, so it will cost you an extra $69, but here is what you get, you get the 32 GB micro SD Card and Gopro Head strap and extra batter and gopro 3 way grip arm, and tripod.  So based on the current gopro couons I just mention, the SD Card and head strap are free.  That means that for $69 you get a extra battery and a the Gopro 3 way arm and Tripod.  If you were looking to purchase the 3 way arm / tripod accessory it cost $69 on it’s own.  In the end you are paying full price for the 3 way Arm and you get the $25 Gopro Battery for free.

Gopro Coupons update for February

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the latest Gopro Coupons.  I just spent the last hour, checking to see if there were any new deals and unfortunately there really are none.  The Gopro Hero4 black coupons and the Gopro Hero4 silver coupons I blogged about last week at Gopro coupons are still available.  For both the Black edition or silver edition, you can get yourself a free 32 GB micro SD Card, free Gopro shipping and a free Gopro Head Strap by using the coupon at Gopro Coupons.  This is the best Gopro Her4 camera savings that I can find anywhere, right now.

The Gopro coupon code for a free Gopole Grenade Grip and a free Gopole The Arm mount on a Hero 4 silver camera is no longer available.  This coupon has been replaced at Gopro coupons with a new one that gets you free 2 day shipping and a $25 credit.  It’s a similar deal to the free SD Card and free Headstrap coupon, but not quite as good in my opinion.  If you want your camera quick than I would go with this one, but if you can wait a few extra days, I recommend taking advantage of the free SD Card, shipping and the free Gopro Head Strap. Gopro accessories are 10 -30% off with coupon at Gopro coupons as well.